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Chopping a Lime in Half in Stop -Motion by Zygmunt Spray.

Chopping a Lime in Half in Stop -Motion by Zygmunt Spray.

Cutting a lime in half is simple...

...and boring, you may think. Of course, cutting citrus would seem like a boring step had I just set up the camera and hit record. That would have been simple too.

I don’t like simple, if it doesn’t excite.

I wanted to make this lime’s movement look playful. Many people often view cooking as a chore—one that feels, at times, lifeless.  Like with many of my food images and GIFs, my overarching goal is to reimagine cooking as an experience that is playful and fun.

To create this image I used stop-motion techniques, carefully and slowly repositioning the lime and knife between each picture. The end result were sharper, more colourful images that don’t look quite like video, but more like claymation, just with “real” objects.

Supporting the two halves of lime was interesting, but a little on-the-fly ingenuity with Blu-Tack and Photoshop was enough! The way the knife cuts through the lime like… well, a hot knife through butter, is especially pleasing to me!