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1. Umstead Park/Crabtree Lake Park.

Located either side of i40 close to RDU airport (noise is not really an issue here though!), there are countless great spots in the woods and by the lakes. With a few structures dotted around fairly close to parking areas it provides a picturesque backdrop, especially in autumn with tons of color.

2. JC Raulston Arboretum

Wonderful gardens with many interesting spots to have some fun with. From a Japanese garden to a butterfly garden to a winter garden, there are so many places to chose from that you’ll always find just the right place for your picture to be taken. These gardens offer opportunities for every season, and are a wonderful place to get lost in for an afternoon.

3. Fred Fletcher Park

Lovely small park not far from downtown, with plenty of great spots for pictures year-round. It’s also worth considering for an outdoor wedding!

4. WRAL Azalea Gardens

Although only only at its best with the rhododendrons flowering for a couple of months from spring to early summer, this garden is beautiful and full of color.

5. Boylan Bridge

Fantastic views of the city make this spot a great choice for sunset pictures with a great backdrop. It’s also perfect for some night light-writing! Generally a great fun place to finish a photo shoot. With the Boylan Bridge Brewery with scenic outdoor seating on the bridge, it’s a nice place to wind down and get to know you better, the best part of the job!